Into The One-der-Full

“If one were fully awake to life, if one could respond to life, if one could perceive life, one would not need to look for wonders, one would not need to communicate with spirits; for every atom in this world is a wonder for the one who sees with open eyes.” - Hazrat Inayat Khan

Through group sharing, meditation and Wazifa practice (divine names) let us remember, rekindle and reawaken that wonder and delight that we felt when we first discovered that there was more to life and ourselves than ‘what meets the eye’! 

Let us again uncover that inner sense of ‘One-der’ in life that brings inner joy and a happiness that rises as a divine spring when we remove the debris blocking them!

More about the Retreat

In this short, yet relaxed and free flowing group retreat, we will practice together to remember and bring about the perception of “One-der”. This perception comes from opening the heart, allowing it to awaken and fill, like a divine spring, with perceptions of Love, Joy, Wholeness, Unity, Compassion, Illumination, and Service. This completely transforms one’s life.

What to Bring

  • Pillows, meditation shawls, pads or chairs, whatever you need to be comfortable for meditation.

  • Bottled Water (if desired), Tea will be available.

  • Bring a notebook and pen for notes and journal entries.

  • Something to share for our “Toward The One” (pot luck) Lunch. If you like to munch during your retreat

    bring munchies.